Carthage, in upstate New York, serves 3,550 students, of which, 68% are military students from the Fort Drum Army Base. C-STEM is a new partnership with Clarkson University, which is ranked as having one of the "Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs" in the nation. Clarkson's experience with the field of project based 5-

12 STEM programs, has lead to a great depth of understanding of student needs and what works!

C-STEM  will  use  a  three  part  approach  to  accelerate  students' Mathematics and STEM learning to attain college readiness:

(1) STEM themed,project based courses and units of study across various content areas;

(2)  STEM After School;

(3) STEM Summer Bridge, with a focus on acceleration of mathematics achievement and STEM Challenges. Teachers will participate in over 90 hrs.of year long professional development provided by Clarkson University.

C-STEM's goal’s are to:

(1) increase the academic achievement of grade 5-12 students in mathematics, especially Algebra 1, to meet college readiness;

(2) create STEM courses and STEM integration across content areas by enhancing the content knowledge and teaching skills of teachers.

C-STEM will use the following effective strategies to achieve its goals:

 Project Based Learning

 Understanding by Design Curriculum Model

 Digital and virtual learning