High School Nurse's Office
School Nurses: 
Morgan Freeman, RN
Amanda Terrillion, RN

Phone: (315) 493-5030 ext. 3

Direct Fax: (315) 493-1256
Hours: 7:20 am-2:50 pm

Clinic / Clinic

     Required Immunizations for Students in
               Grade 12


Number of Doses


3 doses


1 dose


3 doses 


2 doses of Measles, 1 dose of Mumps, 1 dose of Rubella

Hepatitis B

3 doses or 2 doses 

of adult hepatitis B Vaccine (Recombivax)
for children who received doses at least 4 months apart between ages 11 through 15 years

Varicella (chickenpox)

1 dose

*Meningococcal conjugate


By Grade 12: 2 doses or 

1 dose  if the dose was received at age 16 or older

*New York State Required Health Screenings:

All screenings will be done by the School Nurse unless notified by the parent in writing within the first 30 days of school that it will be done by their private physician and submit written proof signed by the private provider to the nurse's office 

9th Grade (Boys Only)

Health Appraisals/Physicals- ALL 9th Grade & 11th Grade

Vision- Near & Distance- ALL 11th Grade

ALL 11th Grade

*Requirements to be cleared to participate in Interscholastic Sports:

- An up to date physical that states sports participation clearance

- School orders to carry medications such as Inhalers and Epi-Pens, if needed


- An updated health questionnaire on FamilyID

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