High School Health/Nurse's Office
School Nurses: 
Michelle Wood, BSN, RN
Morgan Freeman, RN
Phone: (315) 493-5030 ext. 3

Direct Fax: (315) 493-1256
Hours: 7:20 am-2:50 pm

Attention soon to be 12th Graders:

Immunization Requirements for 


Dear Parent/Guardian,                                  


Students entering the 12th grade for the school year 2020-2021 are required to have documentation of ONE dose of the Meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MenACWY/MCV4) after their 16th birthday, on file in the school health office prior to the start of the school year!  The MenB vaccine is NOT compliant with the regulations. You can find more information on the school’s website under the Health Services tab or at:


It is the parents responsibility to bring documentation to the school health office.  Providers do not send it automatically to the school!  You can request that your provider’s office fax them to 315-493-1256.  A record of your child’s immunizations from your health care provider or health department is acceptable.  A NYSIIS/NYCIR record is also acceptable.  The student’s name, date of birth and exact date each immunization was given must be included in the record. Handwritten records must be signed by the provider.  Look for common names, Menactra and Menveo. 


Your child will NOT be permitted to attend school without the appropriate documentation! 

If the student has not received the vaccine or needs the second dose, the required immunizations can be obtained from your family health care provider, your county health department, or school based health clinic if enrolled. Please contact the school health office with any further questions. 


Check the Immunization Page for more information!

New York State Required Health Screenings:

  • All screenings will be done by School Nurse unless notified by the parent in writing within the first 30 days of school that it will be done by their private physician and submit written proof signed by the private provider to the nurse's office 

    Scoliosis- 9th Grade Boys Only

    Health Appraisals/PhysicalsALL 9th Grade & 11th Grade

    Vision- Near & DistanceALL 11th Grade

    Hearing-ALL 11th Grade

NYS Immunization Survey

At the beginning of each school year every public school district is required by law to complete the NYS Department of Health Immunization Survey. This survey is conducted to make sure students are in compliance with immunizations required by law for entrance to public school. The school nurse does their best to notify parents of discrepancies and inform parents of due/overdue immunizations. The survey reports all students that are compliant, non-compliant or exempt. A medical exemption requires a doctors documentation of reason for exemption and is renewed annually. A religious exemption requires documentation/letter to the Superintendent of schools for approval. All information is collected anonymously.

Weight Status/BMI Survey

The NYS Department of Health also conducts a survey of student's weight status categories/BMI. They survey school districts on a bi-annual basis. All information is collected anonymously.