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We are proud to announce that Carthage Central School District was among 527 school districts nationwide who were selected as NAMM Foundation's Best Communities for Music Education! 

Be sure to visit this link to learn more about this designation and the foundation.  

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Our History

The Carthage Central Fine Arts Booster Club was established on February 15th, 2012 by a group of parents and educators who believe strongly in the importance of a Fine Arts education encompassing visual arts, theater and music.


Our Mission

The mission of the club is to help promote and support all Fine Arts programs that enrich our students’ lives and to celebrate their accomplishments.  Additionally, we strive to build and maintain a scholarship fund that allows our organization to award scholarships to qualified graduating seniors.  It is our belief that this booster club will play a vital role in helping to support and sustain Fine Arts programs now and in the future. 


We strongly believe that an academic program rich in Fine Arts allows all students to succeed academically as well as become more well-rounded citizens.  This article outlines the benefits of a Fine Arts education. New NEA Research Report Shows Potential Benefits of Arts Education for At-Risk Youth

Why become a FAB member?

Most importantly, being involved in the Fine Arts Booster Club provides a wonderful way for you to experience with your student the powerful benefits of a Fine Arts education. Whether it is witnessing the dedication, exhausting hours, team effort, and camaraderie that occurs between the students, faculty, staff and volunteer family members to pull off a Broadway level theater production; or helping to setup and serve refreshments for Fine Arts nights where the students’ and teachers’ artistic achievements can be displayed, admired, and rewarded; to promoting upcoming band concerts and special events that entertain not only the parents but our community from the young to the young at heart; as well as participating in the fun and rewarding fundraising activities … the impact is immeasurable and the memories last a lifetime.


How to become a member

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