PowerPoint 2010 Training Guides
PowerPoint 2010 Training Guides

The first link in each item below takes you to a training PowerPoint that illustrates the bulletted items listed.  Some of the PowerPoints have videos to help demonstrate the items.  The Quick Reference Card links take you to a text summary of the items demonstrated.

1)  Make the switch to PowerPoint 2010 - get familiar with changes to the interface in PowerPoint 2010 — such as the design for menus and toolbars known as “the ribbon” — and find out how do the things you’d typically do to create a presentation. 

  • Work comfortably with the ribbon interface.
  • Do essential things such as create slides, apply a slide design, and insert slide elements.
  • Manage files using the File tab.
  • Benefit from new views, toolbars, and shortcut keys.
  • Work between new and old PowerPoint versions.

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2)  PowerPoint 2010 tips and tricks - some timesaving techniques and steps that you may not have stumbled across before....and some were't available in the older version!

  • Open PowerPoint fast.
  • Make a slide from a single bullet.
  • Crop a picture to a shape.
  • Zoom with your mouse.
  • Reuse a slide from another presentation.
  • Use Slide Sorter view.
  • Insert a screenshot.
  • Insert a screen clipping.
  • Show or hide the ribbon.
  • Use the Quick Access Toolbar.

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3)  Create your first PowerPoint 2010 presentation - includes instuction on creating slides and slide text; choosing a layout and working with pictures and themes; editing content; creating speaker notes; and more.

  • Create slides and add text.
  • Choose a slide layout, insert a picture, and apply a theme.
  • Change the size and position of slide elements.
  • Format pictures, shapes, and other slide content.

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4) Use photos in PowerPoint 2010 - Just as it sounds!

  • Insert a single photo.
  • Create a photo album.
  • Crop a photo.
  • Align, distribute, and rotate a photo.
  • Apply styles and effects to photos.
  • Manage file size by linking to photos.
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5) PowerPoint 2010 keyboard shortcuts - Find out how to access just about any command using the ALT and CTRL keys.

    • Define the two kinds of keyboard shortcuts available: access keys and key combinations.
    • Access tabs, buttons, options, and commands using the ALT key.
    • Directly perform tasks by using the CTRL key.
    • Perform a variety of tasks using the keyboard: from opening and working with files, to starting and stopping a slide show.
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