FOR TEACHERS - Classroom ideas

Although most of you are doing a great job with planning lesson and classrooms using universal design concepts, check these out - perhaps there is something new or ideas that you can adapt to fit your classroom needs.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need to try equipment!!


If student has difficulty copying from board:

  • seat child close to board
  • write larger on board
  • exaggerate spacing in between words
  • remove non-essential visual material from board area
  • try to use contrasting colors between written information and background color
  • write important information in a contrasting color
  • provide student with some written information but not all i.e. outline of what will be discussed with student required to fill in missing information.
  • use slant board (contact me)
  • provide desk top copy of notes/ board activity

If student has difficulty with handwriting:

  • pencil grips are great for correcting inefficient grasps (contact me)
  • encourage student to use "helper hand" to stabilize paper 
  • teach student to tilt paper to the left (right handed) or right (left handed)
  • tape paper to the desk with a slight tilt until it becomes automatic for them
  • try slantboard (contact me)
  • use paper with colored lines or highlighter to emphasize where letters belong on the line
  • provide an alphabet strip on desk or laminated copy to keep in notebooks for older students who switch classes
  • use verbal cues to describle where letters go i.e. attic, main floor, basement or top, middle and bottom
  • try different types of paper (contact me)

If student presses too hard on pencil:

  • try mechanical pencil
  • place student's paper on top of soft surface (craft foam sheets or flimsy book)- if they press too hard pencil tip will go through paper