Shoe Tying Tips and Videos


Shoe Tying Tips:


  • Laces frequently become untied because the loop gets pulled too much and the end of the lace slides out.  To avoid this, tie a knot at the end of each lace, close to the tip to serve as an anchor and keep the tip from sliding too far.
  • When first teaching a child shoelace tying, it may be easier for the child to initially practice with the shoes at tabletop level rather than with the shoes on his/her feet. 
  • Use two different colored shoelaces to practice. Round and oval laces are difficult to tie.  Start with FLAT laces.
  • Practice, practice, practice.  Practice as many times as they are old each session. 
  • Use a variety of tying materials rather than just shoe laces such as
  • Macramé cord, ribbon, pipe cleaners, coat ties, a scarf, wrap packages with ribbon, licorice strings, etc. You can lace some of these pieces onto paper plates.
  •  Avoid giving the directions using "left" and "right".  Many children are unsure of these terms and need to stop and think about which is which.  This is not the time. Start the steps with the child's dominant hand. Be aware if dominance is different from YOURS.

Have child watch a video of shoe tying such as these: