Visual Motor Integration is the ability to coordination information that you see with a motor response.  Most activities that we participate in require this skill. Children who have difficulty with visual motor integration may have trouble copying letters or shapes, cutting and writing on lines.  


There are lots of different activities that can help improve these skills.  Here are some things that can be done at home or in the classroom:

  • trace shapes or letters or lines with finger and then with writing implement
  • have child imitate different shapes, lines, letters with their index finger in different modalities such as salt on a colored plate, finger paints, shaving cream, on sidewalk with chalk or using tub crayons.
  • practice cutting on straight lines, wavy lines, zig zag lines, and them shapes.
  • use tracing paper to trace over pictures in a coloring or picture book, then color and cut them out.
  • fold paper in random ways, then open it and trace over the fold lines.
  • draw straight, curved, zig zag, then complex lines using a highlighter and have child trace it with their finger.  As they improve, have them try it with a pencil or crayon.
  • have child practice copying words and then short sentences using correct spacing between words - have them score their own paper.
  • have child clip coupons from paper
  • cut out pictures from magazines or newspaper for a collage or scrapbook
  • adult places letters or numbers in a dot to dot pattern and has child connect them to find the shape
  • throwing ball, beanbag or rolled socks into a basket or at a target taped to wall
  • stringing beads, pop beads, construction sets (leggo, kinex, etc)
  • sewing or lacing boards
  • learn to draw activities, dot to dot books, tracing activities, mazes, coloring, puzzles, blocks, stencils, templates, paint by numbers
  • lite bright, marbles, jacks, Etch-a- Sketch, MagnaDoodle
  • Flashlight tag - in a dark room have child chase adults flashlight beam with straight arm/index finger or with a flashlight of their own.
  • Games that require throwing and catching