CHS Yearbook "Carthadian"
Welcome to the Carthage High School Yearbook website for 2017-18 school year.

This site will be your go to place for information regarding the yearbook including how to buy, deadlines for senior portraits, senior will, and senior superlatives. This front page will contain the latest information. Additionally, we will have a forms page to download any associated forms. Please check often as we continue to update the progress of making the 2018 Carthadian. This page is for the yearbook, not for the Senior Class (senior trip, prom etc). If you're looking for that website, click the Senior Class Page link at the left. (08/09/17)


Attention parents of seniors. Many parents attempted to turn in baby ads today (2/16) with limited success. We have extended the deadline to turn in baby ads until after winter break up to Friday, March 2nd. If you have any questions, please email

Information for Buying a Yearbook

Once everyone is back to school, we will start to pre-sell yearbooks. As soon as we've settled on a price, we will have a link here for you to pay online or a form located on our forms page (link at left) to buy at the school. We will offer a special price to buy early. Check back soon. (08/09/17)

Back To School Sale

We are starting our Back to School yearbook sale today, September 13th. Our back to school sale will last until the Homecoming Dance on October 14th. The price for a yearbook is $46.30 plus $3.70 tax (8%) for a total of $50. This does not include personalization and/or icons on the cover. Those items are an additional cost. We will have four sales this year with each sale costing a bit more, so buy early and save. You may buy at school using the sales form located on our forms page (see link to left of page). If you buy at school, we cannot accept credit/debit cards. Please make all checks out to Carthadian 2018.

You may also buy online directly from the Jostens website. They do accept debit/credit cards. Please click this LINK to take you directly to Jostens Carthadian sales page.

When ordering, please indicate the advisory that your child is in. We do not have homerooms and when the yearbooks arrive they are sorted by advisory. Thank you.

We have noticed that when using certain browsers when you click our link to Jostens Carthadian sales page to buy directly, that the page does not display correctly. Please try another browser. We noticed that Firefox did not work but Chrome did. We are checking into why this happens. We apologize for any inconvenience. (09/24/17)

FALL YEARBOOK SALES UPDATE - You can still pre-order a yearbook at a reasonable cost of $50.93 plus tax ($4.07) for a total cost of $55. This sale will last until December 2nd, 2017. Use the Fall Sale form on the forms page or you can buy directly through the Jostens link above.

REGULAR YEARBOOK SALES have begun. The total cost is $60 including tax. You may use the sales form on the forms page or buy directly through the Jostens website (link above). You may only order icons & personalization through March 1st, 2018. (12/03/17)

LAST CHANCE YEARBOOK SALE - Last chance to pre-order a yearbook from school or online. As of March 2nd, you may not order personalization or icons for the front cover. You may still order a yearbook only until April 20th using the form (forms link on left of page) or online directly from Jostens. Please click this LINK to take you directly to Jostens Carthadian sales page. 

Carthage Area Businesses

Looking to advertise. Want to support your local high school yearbook. Please consider buying a business advertisement for our yearbook. The form is located on the forms page. As always, we appreciate your support.


Senior Pictures

Senior pictures will be due on OCTOBER 20th. If a senior and their parents want their picture in the Senior section of the yearbook, they must provide a picture to us by October 20th, 2017. A letter was sent home with Juniors at the  conclusion of the 2016 school year with the details of how to submit the picture, what format the picture can be, the deadline date, etc. You may see a copy of the letter in our forms section. The link is on the left hand side of this page. Check back often as we will have many other Yearbook related information.

SENIORS: REMINDER - Turn in senior pictures by Friday October 20th to Mr. R. Miller. You may email them if you'd like.

Seniors - Please check the list posted outside Room 208 to make sure we have your senior picture. Also, make sure we spelled your name correctly.

Senior Quotes

Senior quotes are due by November 9th. You may email them to Mr. R. Miller at They should include your name, the quote, and the source for the quote. Quotes will used next to your senior picture, so if you do not submit a senior picture, and submit a quote, we will not be using the quote. (09/24/17)

Seniors: Reminder to email your quotes to by November 9th. (10/23/17)


Last call for Seniors for senior pictures and quotes. Please check the list outside Room 208 to verify that your picture & quote has been received. You must have a senior picture submitted to have a quote used in the senior section. The absolute last deadline to submit any senior picture and quote is Friday, November 17th. Please see Mr. R. Miller with any questions. (11/12/17)

Senior Will

The senior will deadline has not been determined yet. It will be sometime in early 2018. At that time, the senior will template will be placed into each seniors' folder on the school server. You will have approximately two weeks to complete the will and place it into the Senior Will Dropbox on our school server. 

ATTENTION SENIORS - Senior wills have been placed in your student folders on the HS server. Each senior has one in their folder. Please open and follow the directions and have completed by March 9th. (02/28/18)

Senior Baby Ads

Senior Baby Ads are not due until February 16th, 2018. If you are a parent that would like to purchase a baby ad for your graduating senior, please use the Baby Ad form on the forms page (link, left side) and return to Mr. R. Miller by February 16th, 2018. Any questions, please contact us. (09/24/17)

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. R. Miller at or Ms. S. Sullivan at